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Pain d L’Abbaye, oh holey bread, I hope!

by | Jun 4, 2010 | Bread

It's a hot night in New York. I have my air conditioner on. But what's mainly on my mind is the latest loaf. I haven't baked fresh bread in weeks! Thankfully MC had a post on a Abbey bread and I wasn't going to let my work schedule retard my next bake. And so I fed my less-than-lively levain twice, made the poolish as indicated and… well, it seemed all good. 

Arriving home to make the dough, I realized I had added too much levain. Double the amount.  But in the final dough, I didn't add any extra yeast, justifying the error and hoping for the best! I even considered maybe adding some flour, a bit of this and a touch of that, but that little bakers voice, told me "just see what happens with the mix because you need a slice of bread for your brekkie tomorrow!"

MC said her loaf wasn't as holey as she wanted. Before taking a slice, myself, I will let it cool off until morning. Me thinks the extra levain has made for a lighter feeling loaf. Lots of carbon dioxide bubbles were apparent when I gave the dough three turns over a two hour bulk-proof.

As mentioned, the weather isn't all that great tonight. So please forgive me from typing the recipe. Basically, I basically cut down MC's instructions to make a single loaf. I didn't weigh the dough in the raw state or baked. But it is safe to say it's got to be in the 1kg range with the extra bit of levain, and I shaped it like a horseshoe in my French Banneton.



  1. ilva

    I’m very tempted to try this out when I’m back to baking again, right now we just have too much bread in the freezer…

  2. MC

    Can’t wait to hear how it turned out, hole-wise and taste-wise!

  3. Teresa

    Terrific Jeremy, waiting for the pic of the crumb! Teresa


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