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You got to love your levain!

by | Jul 11, 2010 | Bread

Still baking because two more weeks and I won't have a decent loaf on my vacation in Ecuador! So, while it's steaming hot here and I can get away with sneaking a loaf or two into my oven with the whirring of my air conditioner and my wife off doing her pedicure and stuff… why not?


This is a pain au levain, best described as of relatively low hydration. Not what I usually use. But back in Bethesda I had done tests with hydration and flour. I actually liked the taste of these lower hydrated loaves. When I don't have time to search for a recipe or improvise, using any source that looks quick and easy. This comes from The Fresh loaf and it looked like it would fit my schedule!


I followed the recipe to the T, except I used Golden Buffalo rather then whole wheat. In addition, I played with the shapes. And I may have rushed the baking, not wanting my wife catching me heating up an already hot apartment. So the grigne  looks a little ripped and  the dough could  of used more time to warm up from my fridge. Despite all that, it's a good tasting loaf and has some nice open crumb.



  1. Norbert Vollkornbrot

    Jeremy, You have got to come and bake with me this fall. I mean it babe!

  2. Jeremy

    I would totally love going up and about, maybe on a weekend, too bad you don’t bake in August!

  3. Nicoole

    Beautiful, Jeremy! It’s going to be over 100 degrees here all week and I have a million other things to do – but all I really want to do is bake bread!


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