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Shapes of things….Fendu and Pistolet

by | Aug 5, 2010 | Bakers, Bread

The French have the funniest names for things, including the shapes and names for breads. Categorized precisely, as well as baked, we know them as fendu,(split) or pistolet (pistol), and miche which is derrière. So here, down below are some examples of the breads beyond the humor.

Thanks to Vincent Talleu for linking a cool video about Tour's Jacques Mahou,which inspired me to give these loaves a try. I was unsuccessful making them in previous attempts as home. But this time, with just some good shaping, a dowel and some great dough, voila!

I would be remiss to forget to mention my other inspirations, Susan of Wild Yeast and, of course, master baker Jeffrey Hamelman for his wonderful Vermont Sourdough, which was my shaping medium. I made this bread to take with me to Ecuador for family, I may just keep one as the bread is softy there!

This is going to Susan's Yeastspotting, and this I promise is my last bake till I return, maybe??



  1. mick

    My Boy,
    Don’t forget that miche also means tits as well as arse.
    Up your leg (seems appropriate)
    Your Chum

  2. MC

    Beautiful shaping, Jeremy!

  3. Mimi

    I love the shaping too!! So pretty!


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