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Raisins and nuts

by | Dec 9, 2010 | Bread

Busy with the holidays at work but still baking. Must be an omen. A good one, I hope. Whatever it is, had the chance to bake an old standard from school days. It's fabulous. After a week it is still fresh, a lovely bread baked from natural yeasts – which lets it mature better and adds taste.  Raisins and nuts, some wheat and whole wheat and levain, of course. I just gotta share it. I'm using a spreadsheet created by amateur baker Chris Sims found on the internet – can't remember where, when or how, but it's helped a lot when my mind is knee deep in keeping up at work! Soon as the time clears up, I'll go through the repertoire of my notebooks and offer some pot shots at some whole grain or volkorn stuff. For now, here's what I can offer.


The raisin and walnut bread from FCI, adapted slightly with my levain feeding.


Pain aux noix et raisin


49g AP Flour

49g Water

49g Levain


650g loaf

193g AP flour           74%  (Bread flour is ok too.)

82g   Whole wheat   25%

170g   Water            67%

49g    Walnuts          15%

26g   Black raisins      8%

26g   Golden raisins    8%

7g     Salt                   2%


  • Mix flour, water, levain and mix just till incorporated. Autolyse for 25-60 minutes)
  • Mix on first speed for about 1 minute, add salt and mix on second speed till you get some gluten development, or windopane test.
  • Bulk ferment about 2 hours, giving it a single fold or two depending on how your dough feels.
  • Pre-shape round and rest about 25 minutes covered.
  • Shape round or batard.
  • Ferment for about 11/2 to 2 hours depending on variables, temperature, etc…
  • Bake at 480F covered for 25 minutes, then uncovered for 15 more minutes.

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  1. Hans Joakim

    Beautiful crust and crumb, Jeremy!
    Where do you find the energy to bake AND perform your kitchen magic at work during busy December?


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