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Photo du jour, Pain de miche

by | Mar 5, 2011 | pictures

Miche du pain…Bouley adapted formula







  1. azelias kitchen

    lovely crust..but thinner than I would have thought had I not seen it sliced.
    those big holes not much good for holding a filling though 🙂

  2. Jeremy

    Holes I think were from retarding the dough in bulk ferment, I let the dough warm up for about 2-3 hours, shaped,fermented about two more hours and decided to plop it in the oven.In hindsight, it could of gone for another hour perhaps in final rise…it’s usually a tighter crumb,good for plastering with goodies for a tartine…holes were mainly in the center of the loaf, and it’s usually a huger specimen of about 4 kilo’s average, peasant bread!

  3. patrick

    it still looks really f@#$ing good man.


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