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Movements, dancing on the line….

by | Mar 24, 2011 | Kitchens and work

Days are long in kitchens…they go into night! They make for moments of tension, heat…There's the slow, but fast,the methodical to half assed band aid and sometimes total pressure to perform…finesse, failure or resigned to biting the bit and fighting with all hands on or off deck!IMG_0436

This spring I find beauty in a new chicken! 


Make an old dish a new dish.


There's the spontaneity and just figure it out kind I haven't planned or even plucked or tweaked, I don't have time.


I don't have enough help, its just dig in and get the best you can while the bombs are flying! Then you get home late, you haven't eaten, snack, bed and then….back to the trenches!



  1. mick

    You need to escape to Bethesda for a bit of R&R

  2. Jeremy

    Would love that mate,and bake some loaves and hit the pints! Have a home cooked meal by Sue!Would be lovely!
    Cheers, and up your leg mate!


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