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Masterfully miche’d

by | Apr 6, 2011 | Bread

Shiao-Ping bakes and blogs about bread down in Australia. I'm always inspired by her amazing technically detailed bread notes and wonderfully executed loaves. When we met the first time it was at the San Francisco Baking Institute during a baking course. She tapped my shoulder and said, "are you Jeremy from Stir the Pots?"  Wow, I was spotted! Fun. Anyway, we chatted and became lab partners. I loved her spark and joie de vivre. She inspired then and she still does!


This lovely miche is dedicated to Shiao-Ping, who seems to have found inspiration from my early efforts borrowing from the site Sourdough, and which had reminded me of previous miche-efforts while working for a hot August at  Bouley bakery. This is Shiao-Ping's version. It's damned good!





  1. Carnen

    Me encanta el pan y también soy admiradora de los panes de shiao-Ping 🙂

  2. Shiao-Ping

    Dear Jeremy
    You are very sneaky baking up such a gorgeous loaf like that. I am very honoured that you dedicated to me this loaf which I have nothing to do with. You are a fabulous baker!
    After a period of long rest, I am finally going to get back to blogging. I am currently working on a whole-milled whole grain sourdough formula… wish me luck!
    Thanks for sharing this Ab. Fab. Miche!


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