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Poppy seed bread, Mackowiec

by | Apr 29, 2011 | Baking, Mackowiec

"Makowiec (pronounced "Ma-KOH-viets") isn't, strictly speaking, a holiday bread. But it is a classic Polish dessert or tea bread that is commonly served around the holidays. And it is delicious."  From The Fresh Loaf

A staple of Eastern European pastry, Mackowiec bread is now hard to find in New York. It was once a staple of Jewish bakers at places like Ratners or Moishes. But many of these places are gone. Half Jewish, half Catholic, I think of it as a great bread to bake for the spring-fed celebration of Easter. 

Last Sunday I baked some loaves, using a recipe for yeasted brioche au pur beurre, and adding the standard grated lemon and vanilla flavor usually found in Mackowiec dough. For those sourdough zealots, I had no levain fed, so I used yeast. There's nothing wrong with that if your jonesing a Mackowiec!

I also included ground-up poppy seeds, milk, honey, golden raisens and, because I love nuts, added some chopped walnuts… cooking it together over a low heat till sticky and pasty. Careful, don't scorch this mix! 

Once the Mackowiec dough was risen, I flattened it, filling it with paste, and shaping it together like a jelly roll. This time I didn't spread the paste all the way around to the edges, nor did I roll it tightly enough. Next time. 

I let the Mackowiec rise a second time for about an hour. When pressed and leaving an indentation from my finger, I brushed it with whipped egg and baked at 375 F for about 25-30 minutes. Then cool and serve at room temp. If you can wait! 







  1. Andrew

    Oh I love this kind of bread with poppy seed paste in…mmmm will have to give it a go some time.

  2. Anna

    It’s a Christmas cake in Poland. By the way, my favorite one. I can’t make it as my Mum used to. It was delicious and now I have left with the memories, only.


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