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Potato bread

by | Aug 2, 2011 | Bread

Summer baking begs for softer herb-infused breads that are enriched but not too rich. My latest loaf came from a spreadsheet that included potato rosemary within its title. It  felt like the right choice. I had some Yukon Gold potatoes, rosemary and… my microwave.

Microwave? Yeah, nuke the potato in four minutes and it's done. Microwave is a my perfect tool for a small, hot New York apartment during a triple digit ozone-laden heat wave. Anyway, here's the result. 

Et Voila, mon pain du patate au romarin!









  1. azelias kitchen

    So you baked this loaf in a microwave eh?!! 😉
    I’ve been making Hamelman’s Potato bread but adding rosemary a very good combination..he roasts the potatoes which I like.
    I had a disaster before with potato bread still traumatised from it but will show pics when I’m over it…
    …what potato bread is excellent at is making toast..something about the potato that crisps up brilliantly in the toaster! This is also true of potato flour used in dough…it’s my kids favourite bread for toast.

  2. Oliverde

    You BAKED in the microwave? Maybe I need to invest in one…..;-)

  3. Jeremy

    No, just the potato was baked!


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