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Two loaves in the oven

by | Sep 15, 2011 | Bread


Mill loaf

Fall is almost here, bringing weather changes. With cooler temperatures, I have to get my bearings on the emerging season. I've double-fed my levain hoping to yield some high risers within a cooler climate. The latest batch used a formula from Australia's Bourke Street Bakery, which published a great book and is a place I'd like to visit one day if I get down to Oz.

I've had amazing results in the past with the linseed and soy bread. Tempted by a bit of extra levain, I split mine for two formulas made a mill loaf and spelt. I baked the mill loaf directly, but left the spelt overnight in the fridge for a longer rise. The flavors are terrific, slightly acidic but full of wheat and rye nuances, with a fantastic crust and crumb. The spelt, is probably the best spelt effort I've had. This formula is all white spelt, which is lighter then the whole grain spelt. I may add into it next time.

Most satisfying was the oven spring and crumb structure. I wish these artisan bakery books would try to make an effort putting in percentages. Maybe it's not in their interest to give too much away. Do they fear we'd open our own bakery? They could be right, though it's a tough job, percentages or no percentages. Regardless, lots of budding homebakers would appreciate it. 





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  1. Mick Hartley

    Bethesdabakers’ Patent Bakers’ Percentage & Ingredient Weight Calculator is winging its way across the Atlantic to you as we speak.
    Up your leg!


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