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Lucky Mistake

by | Sep 18, 2011 | Bread

Quite often I go back to formulas to make sure I can recreate something again for a second or third time. Baking is an addiction where I want to make 50 different things at once. If you're like me, sometimes you scratch the wrong numbers – or forget to drink your cofee and you make mistakes. As I initially did with a rendition of J. Hamelman's famous loaf made from rye and flax seed along with old dough soaker. 


Initially I added too much water in the final dough (20 percent too much), but then I just added in a bit of flour till the loaf could be shaped. Well, surprise, surprise… this loaf was magnificent; shiny, tasty and all sorts of good adjectives, so mistakes can yield something lucky… or just result in mistakes. This time it led to something good.  


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