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by | Oct 29, 2011 | Tamales


Fall is the season for tamales, hallacas or humitas, three more treats from our South American cousins.  I could eat any of these, year round. Made from corn meal mixed to a masa, they are filled with meat, vegetables and steamed for a comforting meal. Below are some pork tamales I made for my wife's friends. 


The recipe was loosely based on my favorite masa recipe from Rick Bayless's book, and the filling was inspired by Norman Van Aiken's rendition for  Venezuelan hallacas from The Cook's book. This is a versatile and forgiving food, very easy to make. Fillings can be customized without feeling you have to be culturally or politically correct. It's food for heaven's sake!



  1. Sherlock

    You don’t show how to wrap the tamale. Do I completely cover the filling or what?

  2. Jeremy

    Fold all the edges toward the center Sherlock…..!


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