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by | Oct 31, 2011 | Baking

Leavng the army as a cook, my first lessons in a traditional working kitchen was as a prep cook. My duties were repetetive and monotonous, not the glamour I had imagined. Thankfully the army gave me that experience of just following orders, a mindset that allows you to pick your battles for independence. All to say, even as a lowly prep cook, I managed to absorb some interesting tidbits in between screams from the chefs, pots clanging at my feet, and the stove's hot fire always threatening to burn one's skin. 


One day I was promoted, to breakfast cook, besides learning how to make a real French omelette over the course of days, my first duty was to get my chefs morning breakfast, which included something called "bostock"  


The head of the kitchen, Chef Jean Michel, was strict about having a daily Bostock, a classic recipe from the pastry chef, Clive Ramsey, who made these amazing confections. A slice of rich brioche covered in almond paste, flaked almonds and drenched in a shiny simple syrup.Try one, and that simple set of ingredients leaves a delight that is unforgettable. Here's a batch I made in the last week. 



  1. Oliverde

    You’ve just reminded me that I haven’t been to Ceci Cela in a very long time. I LOVE their Bostocks.

  2. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes

    Never heard of them but now I want them – damn that sounds good 🙂


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