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Pan de guagua

by | Nov 2, 2011 | Bread

Guess what. Halloween is a South American creation that dates back to ancient traditions to connect us with the dead. Is that true? I don't have a clue but Mexico's Day of the Dead sounds cooler than Halloween. Plus, the holiday makes me think of a traditional Andean-region bread called Pan de guagua. Shaped like a sleeping  infant, the name comes from Quechua Indian word for baby. Made at  home or in bakeries, they are favorite for this  Dia de los difuntos, which combines Roman Catholic and indeginous traditions to praise the ancestors. 

Here's my try at it using formula for pain au lait, not too different from the recent pan de leche I made from a traditional Ecuadorian recipe. The only difference was an egg was added to the dough. Shaping was really easy, and decoration, a bit rustic just some royal icing and some piping and a bit of imagination.

 Note; the bread is traditionally served with colada morada, or a beverage made of blackberries, fruits and purple corn and spices.

IMG_6217 IMG_6224


  1. Carl Legge

    They’re really beautiful Jeremy, great work. Checking out the links. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Teresa

    I love this, you are so creative Jeremy!


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