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Couronne Auvergnate

by | Nov 11, 2011 | Baking, Bread

My bread buddy Judd, who lives and bakes bread in France, goes by the name "Captain Batard." His new blog is called The Weekend Loafer. Recently I thought I'd follow some of his creations, and try a version of "Couronne Auvergnate," only I'd shape it according to Christian Vabret's  method in his book.


Auvergne is the heart of France, and is known for rolling hills along with dormant volcanos. When I look at this loaf baking and its shape, it's almost the shape of the countryside in a loaf.



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  1. breadsong

    This is such a beautiful couronne, and I love how you’ve described it,
    in relation to the French countryside.
    :^) from breadsong


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