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Panettone Once Again

by | Dec 19, 2011 | Baking, Panettone

This past weekend I revisited baking panettone, both for practice and in the dreamy hopes of attracting some investors. Anyone want to start a bakery with me? Regardless, read on. 


I gave Carmen's formula a try (Madrid tienes miga), though I added olive oil in the final dough for a fruity and healthy option. Besides raisins and candied oranges from Italy, I included a tropical fruit mix; papaya, mango, etc. Even if my kitchen was freezing cold, the multiple feedings for the pasta madre or levain, kicked it up a notch and the first dough was really well risen in the morning when I went to check.




Although I could of made these 600 gram panettone, I stuck with the formula's original 500 gram weight;  it's all good. In fact, it's delicious. 


Mixing can tax your Kitchen Aid, of course mine is over twenty years old, so, Santa may have to buy me a new one? Meantime, I'm on some baking. Büche next….stay tuned!


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  1. Teresa

    Gorgeous! I am sharing this on FB, thanks!


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