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Roscón de Reyes

by | Jan 6, 2012 | Bread, Holidays, Roscón de Reyes

It's been a holiday of breads. My latest celebration has been around Roscón de Reyes, which translates from Spanish as "epiphany bread." Honestly, I stand in the abyss of religious ignorance, even if I am the son of both houses of Judeo and Christian faiths. Still, I feel secure in making breads that supposedly have some religious significance  for either, as bread, besides man made food, is manna from heaven. Sorry, I do get carried away.  


Anyway, I used a formula from my friend Javier Marca over at Madrid tiene miga (and his bread baking amigos - along with Google translation from the native Spanish). Their blogs are always an abundance of information. This week, they gave me the idea of aiming to bake the bread for January the 6th, which is Dia de los Reyes (or day of the Magi). 

I took up the challenge of baking the bread with 100 percent sourdough. To which Javier tweeted, "Using sourdough, and only sourdough? Good… You might want to increase the quantity of sugar, though. And rum, that's for sure!" 


Beyond his advice and my sour dough desires, I stuck to the traditional formula, improvising less with ingredients than visual ideas, namely creating a flourish of decorations. Well, here it is, end of the Holidays, and a begining of a new tradition in bread conquered!



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