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2.2Kg of Miche

by | Jan 16, 2012 | Bread, Miche

Miche again? Yup. It's always gonna be in my repertoire. The latest bach is the same formula I got from Bouley's when working there many years ago. Since I always fiddled with it using my standard 100 percent hydrated levain, I thought I'd try out my desem-starter on it, and even throw in some flour milled by Farmer  Ground in Trumansburg, the half white flour which resembles high extraction.

With both a drier levain at only 55 percent and it being all whole wheat fed, who knows what would happen? Well, I was pleasantly surprised, as it led to a moist tight crumb with definition and a taste of what resembles a true miche….you know the ones you get when your in the countryside, or in Paris, ready to be sliced and turned into a tartine!



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