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Svenska frö bröd (Swedish seed bread)

by | Feb 21, 2012 | Bread

For a while now I've been trying to make a decent seeded bread, something close to a "vollkornbrot." Checking on fellow blogger/author and baker Martin Johanssen's new site, he had a formula that seemed so simple with its barley and seeds.


Where usually you use hot or warm water on the proofer's seed mix, he found that once mixed, the seeds turned into mush and were almost indescernible when sliced. So Martin used cold water to soak his seeds, a familiar melange of sunflower, pumpkin, flax and  barley. When sliced, the seeds transformed into  a mosaic of a crumb.

The loaf is bound by a mix of rye, wheat, some bread syrup, (sugar beet syrup I purchased from Schaller Weber). Lacking flax, I added in quinoa to replace it. Let me say it's the best bread I've had in awhile. I still don't know if that goodness lies in the seeds or Martin's approach of overnight dought retarding, a method different than the usual quick-proofed variety of rye breads common in German baking tradition. The flavor is rich, sweet with a nutty chewiness of the darkened loaf, definitley a keeper!





  1. Karin Anderson (Karin's Bäckerei)

    “…the USUAL quick-proofed variety of rye breads COMMON in German baking tradition”. What??????
    German rye breads are almost always made with sourdough – not just your average quick proofing leaven.

  2. Jeremy

    Hi Karin,
    I understand your point, but I meant and maybe I’ll correct it… German rye’s are yes a long proof for sauer, depending if it’s a one stage, 3 stage or then you have a kurz sauer, my next post…. No harm meant, but proofing because the amount of sauer can make for quicker rising breads, from 45 minutes to an hour and with sometimes no bulk, just plop in pan and proof…

  3. Esther

    I think this is one of the best breads I have ever eaten! I wish his book and blog was in English!

  4. Mick Hartley

    Jeremy, old friend.
    You missed an epic party.
    Bread looks great BUT, one of my regulars is a wheat-based 5 Seed & Spelt. Outsells any of my other regulars, other bakers I have given the recipe to say the same.
    Seeds are pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, poppy, golden linseed (flax). I soak them in boiling water for 5+ hours and the dough ferments over-night. The seeds do not turn to mush.

  5. breadsong

    This bread is such a good one, have been enjoying is flavor very much. Thanks so much for writing about it and the reference to Martin’s blog!
    :^) breadsong


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