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Whole Wheat Pretzels


In the full glory of their name, "Vollkornweizenmehl Laugabrezeln," whole wheat lye pretzel are difficult to pronounce but easy to enjoy. Plain. Smeared with butter along with a topping of ham. And, yes, dipped in mustard.


Here is a version I used with high extraction flour and whole wheat from Trumansburg flour. Though I tried farro in my last attempt with a modicum of success, I wanted to try and taste whole grain wheat. They were inspired by Mike Zakowski, known as "the bejker", and someone who is a recent Coupe de Boulanger team member, as well as someone who sells goods at Northern California's famed Sonoma Farmers Market. He posted his pretzels on his Facebook page, so I tried his mix of flour to make these.


I used my standard recipe.  Failing to have enough levain, I used a mix of whole wheat levain pizza dough and topped off with my 100 percent hydrated starter. Results were fantastic, no more white flour for me!



  1. Mac

    I would use the word, “Vollkornweizen.” That denotes that it’s really whole wheat flour.

  2. Jeremy

    MAC, Noted and revised, Danke!


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