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Puff Pastry

by | May 8, 2012 | Baking

When graduating from culinary school, our test was to make two recipes picked randomly from the course repertoire. Luck gave us a hot June day, and I was tasked with making puff pastry. I still remember the heat of the air and the cool marble kitchen table tops starting to sweat. Or maybe that was me.

This past weekend I had a craving for chausson, commonly referred to in this country as turnovers. All to say, back to puff pastry. I thought of going 100 percent whole wheat, but winged a formula by splitting half white and whole wheat for pastry. Fillings were inspired by baker  Craig Ponsford, who always has mouth watering descriptions of his turnovers. For filling I used kiwi, pineapple, mango with Chinese 5 Spice, along with traditional, rhubarb, apple and strawberry. My technique is a bit rusty on the puff pastry, but this first revisit was a success.


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  1. Norbert Vollkornbrot

    Jeremy, Kudos to you for exploring new tastes and combo’s. I never would have thought to put that combination into turnovers. They look delicious!


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