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Moroccan Bread For Najat

by | May 14, 2012 | Bread

Recently on Facebook I saw a post from Najat Kaanache, "the pilgrim chef", who posted a shout-out for someone to make some Moroccan bread. I said, "you're on," not quite sure of what would happen but happy to give it a try.

While you might think it's easy to Google, well, there's not much out there. No worries, I picked up a  book, and one by Mourad Lahlou, adapted it to levain and poof. Now to find Najat and share her. 


This is an all wheat bread; I may try to push the envelope using some durum, more taste and with a certain authenticity. So if you see this, Najat, give me a ring. Meanwhile, I will look for more formulas.  



  1. David Aplin

    Very nice crumb, they look delicious. Difficult to get an idea on the size, they appear to be sort of large bun size….? They might work well as Hams, like for a burger.

  2. Jeremy

    I think they’re like 100g..will check notes..but yes you could make them into lamb burger rolls, but will make them again with semolina this time for a softer crumb…wheat is good but it’s a bit white…

  3. Karin Anderson (Karin's Bäckerei)

    They look very nice, Jeremy.
    But don’t they rather have flat breads in Morocco? And lower protein flour (no larger pores)?
    Just saying….

  4. Jeremy

    Karin you may be right..but we can’t always stay true to the obvious and typical, we have to interpret..and I do know they make loaves as well as flat breads there, need to investigate more!


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