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Seaweed Anpan

by | May 18, 2012 | Bread, seaweed

Seaweed bread is a fantasy bread, at least for me, something about which I've had sweet dreams. So this past week I decided to actualize the fantasy, making up a batch of Japanese anpan, a milk bread often filled with soy bean paste, only I used sea weed. A close relation to pain au lait, adding sea weed makes it… well, authentically sea weed bread.

Enhancing the fantasy, I sprinkled it with a togarashi, which is a rice spice. Future efforts may include fillings along with a salmon burger. This anpan was made with a levain that was  spiked with a small percent of millet flour. Flavor or feel, it's a nice bread and I may try different flours, or add in's to change the profile on my next go around.




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