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Mother Dough

by | May 20, 2012 | Bread, Sourdough

Mothers Day weekend has passed, but this isn't about that day. Rather it's about the dough; "old mother dough". My friend Teresa from Northweast Sourdough, is in her bread lab throwing old "mother  dough into a fridge and letting it rot! She mixes a dry starter, a total of 40-percent hydration and forgets about in the fridge.

It made me think of San Francisco sourdough, sort of reverse engineering – using this cold approach to give more fermentation control with added flavor. Whatever the principle, I followed suit with this project, as I'd bugged Teresa for specifics. This is a sourdough that's addictive for it's mix of sour taste and sweet crumb. You chance developing blisters from the retard process, sometimes a faux pas in traditional bakers world, but attractive in it's own way.

Below are shots of what I got. I am sure I'll be giving it a go again, as it gives the baker less work with simple steps and a forgotten dough in the fridge.



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