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Pain Brié

by | Aug 4, 2012 | Bread

Pain Brié is a bread that I've wanted to make for a long time,not usually baked using a  natural levain. I opted finally to just do a pre-fermented version. I was pleased with the results. Its crisp crust from a low hydration gives a divine tight white crumb. Though it's name is brie bread there is no cheese in it…instead I sliced a wonderful piece of Humboldt fog cheese to annoint it.


The term brié might come from Norman language briér to pound, as the dough was often kneaded with a rolling pin due to it's low hydration. The shaped loaf is pre-cut, and is shaped either in a boule or batard.The loaf should be a pale golden color with some caramelization around the cuts.


Though this isn't the more rustic type of bread I usally adore for flavor profile, surprisingly enough this is a delicious and good long shelf life sort of bread.


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