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Some Loaves

by | Sep 18, 2012 | Bread, Sourdough


On my return from my trip to Europe, I quickly started using my levain and odd bits of old dough ferments to make some loaves. With only one feeding, my levain was bubbly,and was able to make three or four breads. With amazing growth, each dough reached a peak of perkiness that seemed unatainable from three weeks hibernation in the cold.



Though not completely sure of its strength, I added a pinch of yeast as insurance in this dough based on Joe Ortiz's Pain Compagnon. The baguette bise had great aveolage. I was helped with hints from my former baking teacher, David Norman, who you can read about here regarding bassinage.


Finally I've been following Martin Johanssen's efforts with a honey injected sour of rye and wheat bread. I like the feel, but may tweak just as he has on his own site.



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