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Pumpkin Seed Bread

by | Oct 7, 2012 | Bread


I revisited this bread that I'd found from one of the many terrific German bread bakery sites. Often they suggest for additions like soy bean powder, apple fiber or some additive. Deconstructing them to bake them with just "the essentials" is often my goal.

Sometime ago I enlisted my friend Susan from Wild Yeast in getting me plugged into how to make a formula using the software program, Excel. I'm still learning Excel, but I keep finding more recipes to take apart!

69% Wheat flour (White whole wheat is what I used.)

20% Rye

10% Rye meal or chops

68% Water

2.5% salt

14.6% Pumpkin seeds

14.4% Apple (grated apple)

1.7 % Bread spice (coriander, fennel, caraway)

62% Sourdough (rye)



  1. Jeremy

    Sorry Mick….ran out!


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