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by | Nov 6, 2012 | Bread, tamale

Making a bread formula is basically an improvisation of experience and ingredients. Here's an example. The other day while perusing my fridge, I noticed pumpkin puree. I also found some masa harina in my flour bins. I've had this flavor quotient of a tamale flavored dough, with chilies, manteca (pork lard); I even considered laminating the dough into a sweet brioche style. Then I decided to make use of a technique from Dan Lepards slider rolls, which involved cooking the masa with water and incorporating it into the dough with levain.


Success showed up in a dough that was light and extensible. It included corn, rye and wheat. The chili powder and pickled chili additions are in the background. The crumb is awesome and colored with speckles of the various ingredients. Perfect for a ham or pulled pork sandwich.



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