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Whole Grain Fermento

by | Nov 11, 2012 | Bread, Fermentation, Grains, levain

Looking through my emails, I came across message dating back four years, from my friend Teresa of Northwestsourdough. It was an explanation of adding grains in with sourdough overnight with part of the flour and a pinch of salt to keep the mix from going too sour. Sort of what I've been working on with whole grain autolyse.

Well four years later, I'm putting it to test, my levains were underfed this week, and my rye was at peak with serious things going on in the jar! So I went back to this formula, which I recall was in cup measure rather then grams or bakers percent. Oh,Teresa! I haphazardly adjusted the measurements, mixed and left overnight in a variation of autolyse.



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