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by | Nov 23, 2012 | Bakers, Bread, Flour

For a while I'd been trying different ancient grains. This past week, I wanted to try an amazing formula using spelt and kamut benefit of the wonderful artisan miller/bread baker, Roland Feuillas. He's located in France, in a place called Cucugnan near Perpignan.

Rolland shares his spirit of both baker and miller on a forum group on Facebook called Pain au nature, where I spied this formula named after his friend – Fanette. It's not easy to make. After my effort I asked him for advice. He told me that making bread is personal to each baker's situation, and pointed out that following a formula too closely doesn't work. Each baker and bakery needs to adapt to their own situations. This is my second effort on this loaf…I'll choose less water next time and adapt! Merci Rolland!



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