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Le Globe-Trotteur’s Walnut Red Wine Bread

by | Feb 12, 2013 | Bakers, Bread, Sourdough, Wine

Ever since my interest in baking bread caught fever, I have managed to fenagle formulas from bakers worldwide. Sometimes the formulas take years to actually get right at home. Other times I hit it immediately.

One baker has helped me out in particular, someone who goes by the pseudonym Le Globe trotteur. I met Le Globe Trotteur on Facebook. He's based in Barcelona. He was kind enough to give me a formula for his "walnut red wine bread," which I'd had parked for awhile in my files. Finally trying it for clients of my micro bakery, I managed to get it right the first time, and ended up keeping a loaf for myself. 


Le Globe Trotteur's red wine walnut bread

1600 flour

800g walnut

600g wine

600cl water

700g levain (60%hydrated

2gr yeast

40gr salt



120g wine

90g rye

3g salt




Walnut red wine bread

Walnut 800g and red wine 600gr

White flour, t 65 1.600kg

With the white flour put your maceration add 600cl  more of water

Mix it 5 min and let it rest at least 45 min. (Autolyse)

If you use Levain liquide better to get only 500g of water
because the sugars will work and dilated strongly so i recommend to use hard
sourdough for this product 700g (60%)

You can try both anyway.

Well after your Autolyse introduce your levain(Whatever it
is)2g of yeast and let it in first velocity (speed) during 3 min

After your 3 minutes add the salt,40g and let it mix  in
first velocity (speed) 12min

When you've got the dough ready (mixed) let it proof 1hour in a bowl with a
bit of oil (no flour)

Give it a rabat (fold), proof one more hour.

So after your rabat (fold) and after two hours 2 hours, get it out from your bowl and weigh it to whatever weight you want, pre-shape, and let it
rest 30 40 minutes, the give it the final shape.  Give it a three hour proof,(if not
retarding overnight..)

If your retard the dough, do exactly the same process to the folding letting it proof hour more after it's shaped, then into the
fridge. Next day  take the dough out of the fridge divide it let it rest 40 minutes.  shape and let
it proof, then into the oven around 250 Celcius or 485 Farenheit.

 Rye red wine crust (Optional)

Wine 120g

rye 90g

salt 3g

Mix this paste  the day before. Smear the paste  on proofed loaves, and bake. Try some and leave one with and  one without to decide which is your favorite one. Let it cool 2 hours et voila bonne!


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