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Brezlen (Pretzels)

by | Jul 7, 2013 | Bread, Brezeln

Brezlen. German pretzels. How I miss them! I haven't found a decent producer of these  simple lye-dipped breads which are delicious however you serve them; whether plain, with ham, butter, with or without beer. (whoops, I meant "bier!" Sorry my German brudahs!). Craving the flavor, I made a small batch, improving on previous attempts by using pork lard and milk powder for flavor and feel…Lecker!

Bier und prezel

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  1. Teresa

    I love the real pretzels, I am glad to see such professional looking ones. I use a concentrated baking soda bath and it works pretty good when you can’t get the baker’s lye.
    Terrific job Jeremy.


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