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Two Doughs, One Sponge

by | Jul 15, 2013 | Bread, Fermentation

While maintaining my wild yeast ferment, I played with the sponge method, using rye which took well to the yeasts and sugars, I actually listened to the bowl and heard crackling pops of the yeasts fermenting! I split the sponge into two different doughs, one with wheat, whole and white and the other with spelt. I would of baked after making the doughs, and fermenting them, but I had to retard both about ten hours. Once I arrived home I found the wheat full of activity. The spelt a bit more firm, probably from the whole grain spelt that I'd milled. Still the final product, sweet flavors and different crumbs, but both delicious!

Wheat rye sponge

Wheat rye crumb

Rye sponge spelt
Spelt rye sponge crumb


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