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by | Aug 1, 2013 | Fermentation

To most bakers, beer is viewed as liquid bread. Though it's fermented, making it is a longer process involving boiled liquids and malted grains. The fermentation begins with a small amount of yeast that is left to sit until the bottling process. For the final fermentation, you add a bit of sweetener.

Anyway, I just took the plunge at brewing some beer at home. My strategy started with purchasing an easy-to-follow "Everyday IPA Mix" from Brooklyn Brew Shop. In my future efforts, I'll try different grain and add spices. Below are some photos of my steps – and mis-steps. As you can see, my cat was excited.  


Several weeks after I started… signs of carbonation, which means that I should have left the beer to ferment an extra week. Taste? Less then delicious. Smell? Nice. Head? Lovely but quickly vanished. '

Back to the drawing board, research and re-brewing.


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  1. mavery@mail.otherwhen.com

    Looks like you didn’t let it clarify, or age, long enough. It might have been a bit too young.


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