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Pan Casero

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Bakers, Bread

The bread community reminds me of sour dough.  From each inspired shared experience from a baker (the starter) a new baker is born. My interest in baking came from reading a few initial books. Something in that experience was powerful. In just the first few pages, I repeatedly found myself hurrying straight to the formulas, impatient to bake. My interest grew. I finally went to school to learn the craft. On my free time I staged nights in commercial bakeries. The passion grew. On trips abroad I baked, and explored regional styles, learned, exchanged, methods, techniques and formulas with fellow bakers.

Well, there's a new book out that may well inspire many more passionate bakers. It's written by a friend and fellow baker. Sourdoughist and fellow cycling enthusiast, Ibán Yarza the piped piper baker of Spain.  "Pan Casero", or home made bread, is the title of his new book he wrote. This embodies the baker community, refreshing, building a exchange gift and love of bread, gracias panadero! It's terrific. And yes, inspiring.




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