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Sourdough Danish

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Baking

Danish pastries are another laminated dough I've enjoyed making over the years, both for taste and easy preparation. This weekend I was going through a notepad and found a side-by-side Danish and sourdough formulas. In previous Danish forays, I had used a formula from Dieter Schorner. But curious, I decided to do a 100% sourdough Danish.

Sweet doughs can be tricky without a little bit of added yeast. But I refused to hybridize. I wanted natural wild yeasts! In a two day process, I fed the sourdough with milk, proofing, laminating, filling, and shaping it in-between breaks at work.  I left the dough for an overnight 8-hour final proof in my cool kitchen, then baked in the morning. Here are the results!



  1. Yariv

    Hi there,
    Looks great! I must say…but did it pass the taste test?

  2. Jonitin

    Hi Yariv,
    In fact it did, though I think a pinch of yeast would of lightened a bit more, and it wasn’t as sweet as a typical one..due I think to the pistachio…


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