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Atta Vs. Semola Flours

by | Oct 27, 2013 | Bread

Sometimes I use Atta flour as a substitute for Semola rimacinata. Both are a finer durum flour used in bread baking, as opposed to semolina which is a coarser grind used in pasta. Found in Indian or other South Asian grocers, Atta Flour is a less fancy, less expensive version of Semola rimacinata. It also has more bran.

Substituting Atta for Semola, sometimes I have had some success in adaptions of semolina bread and the classic Pane di Altamura. In my current tests of different formulas, both with 100% Atta, I found the crumb tighter then Semola Rimacinata. But I wonder if it that results from needing more hydration, or a mix of white flour to lighten the loaf.  



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