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Pavé 60/40

by | Nov 3, 2013 | Bread, Home bakers

Paris micro baker Thierry Delabre makes a number of loaves, usually in the shape of something known as a "pavé" or cobblestone. It incorporates delicious ancient wheat and spelt varieties he's able to find. I've tried  making one of Delabre's infamous "Fanette," a signature loaf he  learned from Cucugan baker Roland Feuillas. And recently I tried making a 60/40 wheat and spelt pave-shaped loaf based on one of his Facebook posts.

I went about feeding my levain as he'd described for Fanette, specifically 50 percent hydrated. I made some fine specimens with 60 percent mix of wheat flours, whole wheat and high extraction,, as well as a 40 percent white spelt. With an overnight proof, I followed Thierry's marvelous video instruction he posted and was in for some nice loaves!


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  1. w

    very nice! i’ve never used a 50% hydration leaven before. What difference do you think it makes? If you can, could you post a very basic recipe of this loaf? thanks!!
    btw, I LOVE love your pizza posts. They’re my pizza porn. Each time I think i’ve had enough pizza, I see your posts and I want to make pizza straight away SIGH. love the char and all those bubbles. If you were in the neighborhood, I’ll come and buy pizza very often, WAY too often


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