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NYC Bake – Bagels to Biyalis

by | Dec 1, 2013 | Bread

Recently a  friend asked me to make some quintissentially New York bakery goods; bagels, biyali, rye challah and pumpernickel bread. Reversing my usual tendency to adapt,diversifiy or  improve what's been tried-and-true, this time I kept to the basics – and tapped into previous posts to reproduce a great batch of these classics. Below are some shots of the results. 

IMG_8410 IMG_8420

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  1. Karin Anderson

    Wow, Jeremy, they all look great, especially the Multi Topping Challah. One question: how do you manage to keep the indentations in the Bialys from filling up again? I tried my very best with onion rolls, and no matter what I do, when they bake they fill up and become perfectly round again.


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