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Pane Toscano

by | Dec 3, 2013 | Bread

Pane Toscano is a saltless Florentine bread. It's origins started with a trade war between Italian city states of Pisa and Florence. At the time, Pisa controlled the salt trade. Florentinians were therefore were forced to make bread without salt. Pane Toscano is the result.

I decided to pull out the formula from school. Without a yeasted biga, I substituted a 80% hydrated levain with a pinch of yeast to make a hybridized version. The results included a golden crust and  light white crumb. Fantastic.

Now, what to have it with? I heard through a friend an idea for a Lazio based canape known as Pane burro é alici. Made of butter, bread and anchovies, it seemed the perfect compliment to an unsalted pane Toscanno! I added a marinated tomato salsa which really knocked the ball out of the park for a home run!

IMG_8562 IMG_8565

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  1. Bernat Bauçà

    Pane toscano is almost the same than our “pa pagès” (majorcan country bread).


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