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Chestnut Bread

by | Dec 15, 2013 | Bread

Chestnut bread is one I like in the fall and winter. Especially lovely is the sweet nut flavor paired with a bit of saucisson or cheese. Recently I revisited my formula for 60/40 wheat and chestnut and decided to use rye sour to ferment the loaf, as I wasn't happy with one I'd made with wheat. This time the  loaf  was sensational. The crumb while not quite holey still showed signs of aveolage. The rye imbued  a sweeter and more complex flavor, and the color was almost a purple grey hue  almost a chocolate flavor, kind of like roasted chestnuts in fact!




  1. Karin Anderson

    Woohoo, time to activate the chestnut flour in my pantry!

  2. Karin Anderson

    Jeremy, you have the most annoying advertizing embedded in your post: whenever you click on a link, thinking it leads somewhere you are interested in, you get a friggin’ ad.
    I don’t want to click on “loaf” and see an ad for Kleenex! That might be a real put off for people interested in your blog .

  3. Ben

    What percentage of chestnut flour did you use Jeremy? I made some bread this weekend with only 5% chestnut flour but it had a nice sweet flavour.
    Ben J

  4. Jonitin

    Ben, it’s 40 chestnut!


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