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Double Grigne

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Bread

In hopes of achieving that elusive double slash (or grigne) on my facsimile of Sullivan Street Bakery's Truccione loaf, I put out some selfies of my loaves in different corners of the bread diaspora. Below are some return words of advice that were returned.  

Thanks to Phil Agnew, Michael the baker, Aidan Chapman,and Codruta Popa, among others!  Bread is personal. It's as subjective as wine or art. But happily any baker can get better insight from more experienced brethren. It's like breaking bread and sharing a loaf!



I think double ear it's made when a certain angle is applied when scoring

  • and it also have somthing to do with oven temp and steam
    hmmm…I have to get it, still trying to crack the code on a bread from a bakery I want to work for!
    ever since I got my electric oven, I started to have some loaves with double ear
    I never got them before, when I used gas oven
    but I am sure that angle cut is important
    I usually have a small second ear, or just an incipient undeveloped one
    i am intrigued by it and I am curious too
    your loaves are excellent!
    are you slashing straight down or two sides?
    one straight cut
    never on the middle of the loaf
    hmmmm on the side?
    if you divide it on three imaginary segments, then on first or third segment
    not on the middle one
    kind of a 45 degree angle?
    more of 35 degree
    I'll hunt this ears from now on, curious what are their secret
    Happy ears!
    :)) thats a good one
    Ears always smile!

      Phil Agnew

    pipsbread@jerm_11104 make it wetter 😉
    jerm_11104@pipsbread probably, or too young, it's around 75-80!!
    pipsbread@jerm_11104 really? It looks young … But even the profile shape hasn't slumped at all in the oven … Go more water … And maybe warmer or longer bulk …
    jerm_11104@pipsbread I bulk proofed for over 8 hours in fridge, it's 80% hyd, maybe longer final proof? Or I push the envelope to 95-100% hydr!?
    pipsbread@jerm_11104 perhaps a little wetter with a warm bulk room temp, reckon it's not developed enough … Preshape a little earlier than you normally would for room temp bulk and shape it tight and retard proof. Single score straight the middle with a tiny bit of an angle. See if that gets you a double gringe 🙂
    jerm_11104@pipsbread thx mate! I'm on it!


  1. Teresa

    I get a double grigne by a shallow slash followed by a deeper slash in the same place. Like you didn’t slash deep enough so you try again.

  2. ian

    In addition to seconding Phil’s advice, it appears your oven was too hot, especially the floor. This causes loaves to lift wicked fast from the bottom up, forming a cross-section resembling a submarine (circular) rather than a UFO (ovoid with a flat bottom). (For the record, I’m the dude behind Phil in the above photo.)

  3. Jonitin

    cheers Ian, I miss your blog you used to have! I’ve since been working on this particular loaf, again, and again, and again, I think I am getting it finally, and the advice is welcome! I followed Phil’s advice regarding longer bulk and fold, then tighter shaping and cold retard…Last one I did was pretty good, just the cut was I think too shallow… Thanks,


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