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A Better Loaf

by | Aug 6, 2014 | Bakers, Bread, Fermentation

Having seen erratic taste and texture in recent bakes, I lessened the liquid in my sourdough to see if it improved my bakes. And thinking that weak protein from local flour (farmed and milled in NY State) had a negative impact, I also refreshed my levain by adding some store bought flour, figuring it might correct those issues.

It did lead to a better crumb and crust coming out of my oven. A recent visit with baker-extraordinaire Kamel Saci, (from Il Buco Alimentari) helped, too, as he shared his secret of heating water for levain, adding it to the flour, allowing to cool enough, then adding the sourdough seed! I thought it odd, but tasting and seeing his bread and his advice, I was converted. Thank you, Kamel, for a lovely loaf. 

IMG_1872 IMG_2053 IMG_2062 IMG_2067


  1. Ben Johnson

    Hello Jeremy
    What is the initial temperature of the leaven water? It sounds a bit like the Siegle D’Auvergne recipe in Daniel Leader’s “Local Breads”.

  2. Jonitin

    Well Ben, this was boiled water, but let to cool a bit, then into the flour with levain added in…Much different then Siegle D’ Auvergne…its sort of a way to cleanse the levain, and give it a boost…

  3. Ann Hamze

    Jeremy, I thought I saw a post by you recently that had a tutorial for artisan bread starting with Poolish. I believe it was about a week ago. It had step by step pictures and perhaps,some video. Can you help me find it? I always enjoy reading your posts. By the way, Safa is still in Denver with Whole Foods. He still is pushing to diversify and Improve the products.


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