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Pane Di Comune #1

by | Nov 29, 2014 | Bread

Call me Dr. Frankenstein of bakers, disassembling and then reassembling bread formulas, a percent here, a percentage there. Beauty or monsters, you never know. Take this recent loaf.  Considering James Lahey's Sullivan Street version of pane di comune, a beautiful brown bread, my imagination started to roam. Specifically, it led me to this alternative on YouTube, which turned out to be lacking in water and produced a parched sourdough loaf.  

Adding water (doppio impasto) to the dough, I dripped it in until the dought felt moist and supple. The first batch was fermented with a firm pasta madre (sourdough) hydration of 50%.

IMG_4994 IMG_4999 IMG_5025 IMG_5024

This was a nice crusty, and tasty loaf with a deep flavors of wheat from home milled flour, organic white and high extraction from Trumansburg.


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