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Three Bakers

by | Mar 20, 2015 | Bakers, Bread



Facebook Groups may never offer an alternative to a real kitchen, but recently I had the chance to use this 21st century technology platform for a pan-ocean collaboration. Working with Thierry Delabre in Paris and Marcos Cerutti in Rio de Janeiro, it allowed the three of us to contribute to a real-time-stage presentation at a real-world Parisienne food conference, Omnivore

Thierry had been invited for a public bread-shaping demonstration using blé Truffier flour for baking his infamous pain miche. Initially, none of us knew that there would be a bigger audience listening in the wings. Then suddenly a flurry of Facebook texts came flying in to all of us, the bulk of them stressed pleas-for-help – in multiple languages. 

The best way I can describe the time together was as an exciting set of cross-cultural, high tech/low tech moments. For all of the magic that digital information can spark, baking is still a granular, analog act. Quite simply, you may be able to span entire continents with a click of the button, but the world moves much slower when you're baking. 

It generated both minutes of drama and minutes of high comedy, but ultimately it made for a satisfying adventure that, to my best, I wanted to share with you. Obrigado and Merci to my baker brothers… and to all the folks on Facebook (and at Facebook) for contributing. 

 Photo by Cyril Zekser ©



And merci Danielle Michel for this photo!


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