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by | Apr 3, 2015 | Bread

Beyond actor Edward G. Robinson's famous movie line, "Where's your God now?" the thing associated with Passover that inspires me most is, no surprise, matzo, the unleavened flat bread with a history whose depth makes up for its shortfall in depth of ingredients. Actually, that's a plus too. All you need to make matzo is flour and water. And maybe salt. The batch below took an Italian turn, passing through my Kitchen Aid pasta roller. And, once again, unsponsored, we blow the bugle of flours from Molino Grassi (multi-grain) and King Arthur (white whole wheat). Why are those mentions important? Read this. Gut Yontiff!

* Baked on BakingSteel®

IMG_7918 IMG_7919 IMG_7921 IMG_7922

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  1. andris lagsdin

    Outstanding Jeremy! Love this post…


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