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Five Kilo’s Of Palmento

by | Apr 19, 2015 | Bread, Flour, Grain

It's been a while since I've baked with Sicilian flour, specifically grain from Castelvetrano and the miller Filippo Drago of Molini del Ponte. What a surprise when my friend Judy Witts Francini messaged me and posted this video. In fact Judy schlepped a five kilo bag of Palimento flour from Sicily to Florence, and then all the way to New York City, delivering it to me. Using the flour, I've made two loaves so far, and will use it to make Pane Nero, as well as other loaves. Grazie! For the video and for bringing the flour to me. And thanks to Maestro Filippo for the wonderful gift!

IMG_8025 IMG_8033 IMG_8031 IMG_8072 IMG_8080 IMG_8176

Filippo Drago from Jeremy Shapiro on Vimeo.



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