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Breads for Beatrice

by | Apr 26, 2015 | Bread

My friend Beatrice Ughi (of Gustiamo) asked me to make her some bread using Palmento, a Sicilian flour which she and I are both working to introduce here in America. I baked three loaves for her, using  various ferments and percents. I didn't get to inspect or taste them. Like any baker giving away their babies, I was curious for the judgement! Here are some photos of the breads.

IMG_8449 IMG_8466 IMG_8477

All I got from Danielle Aquino Rothimar of Gustiamo was this, "It smells like Sicilian heaven!"



And here were the results!

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  1. Janet

    Nice looking Bread! Is the Palmento Flour similiar to the Tumminia Wheat? I recently was gifted some and used it to bake some bread. Do you know if it is available in New York or surrounding area?
    Thanks Janet

  2. Jonitin

    Hi Janet, I got this directly from Sicily as I mentioned in the post.Palmento is a mix made by Molini del Ponte, using Tumminia amongst other grain they grow and mill. At the moment no,but I think fairly soon Gustiamo will be working on getting at least Tumminia on the market…process at work!


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