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Wedding Cake

by | Sep 11, 2015 | Baking, Cakes

My brother Philippe asked me if I'd bake a cake for his wedding. As I had baked the cake for his first wedding (and was best man, too) it was a testament to my brother's faith in me. So of course I said "yes." We chose to make it a carrot cake in honor of our sister Mimi whose recipe it was, as well as it being a favorite of all of ours.

Apprehensive about the inevitable logistical nightmare of making it in a home kitchen, I persevered, inspired by memories from decorating class as well as a few Google searches! Here's the result, minus the statue of Bride and Groom, something I unfortunately forgot back in the hotel room. Rush, rush, rush, but it turned out beautiful, as did my brother's wedding. 



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