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by | Nov 14, 2015 | Bakers, Bread

Even though I've attended many inspiring classes with great bakers and chefs, I never thought of myself as ever becoming a teacher, myself. But recently my friend Daniele (from Gustiamo) asked if I could help her put to use a piece of Italian levain that she had been given as a gift. Apparently, its origins were over 50-years old. While the flour used was unknown, Daniele had been feeding it some primo flour from Fulvio Marino, considered a top mill. Thinking about how to help Daniele best  with this levain made me realize that bread baking is a tricky craft to teach. And that's odd given how the process actually starts with a just a few ingredients. But the art comes in juggling those ingredients as they traverse various stages. It's a slow food world, but we live in a fast paced existence. More to come!




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